20 Days In


So even though it is day 20 of the new year, I thought I would catch this blog up to speed with what I have decided to do this new year.  I don’t do resolutions.  Like the majority of us, I found myself losing the desire and motivation quickly after making them and then never following through.  I don’t set goals either.  Is it just me, or is there a real difference?  I feel like its like one of those “politically correct” type terms.

What I decided to do this year was to make it a truly happy year by making a list of things that made me… HAPPY!  Then each day, I can do something based on that list that will not only make me feel happy but if I push myself, I can actually enhance that happiness.  Doesn’t that sound so much better than the drudgery of having to do something because you made an official resolution to do so?  Another perk too is that if you are listing what makes you happy in life, you are reminded of it and hopefully of your blessings as well.

What you may also find, is that if you truly list what makes you happiest,  you may be able to knock off some of those resolutions or goals that you would have otherwise made.  So I have listed what makes me happy and beneath each one, I have listed what I can do to appreciate it more, or make myself or the happiness itself even better.

1.  Ewan (my son)
-Take deep breaths when doing homework with him to enjoy that one and one time with him rather than becoming frustrated.
-Pay more attention when he talks (boy does he talk ALOT) because it may not always be this way.
-Laugh and be silly with him as much as possible!

2.  John (my fiancé)
-Continue to have fun and laugh
-Make sure he feels loved and appreciated every day

3.  Family
-Talk to them more, like actual telephone conversations
-Take the opportunities that I have to spend with them and spend it with them

4.  Friends
-Talk or text more
-Go out more often, even on double-dates

5.  Looking Good and Feeling Good
-Trade out some old outfits for some new ones
-Keep wearing those heels
-Follow the P90X3 program January-March
-Floss daily
-Drink more water
-Choose healthier snacks

6.  Being Me
-Plan a wedding that is organic and true to who John and I are
-Continue with Lemongrass Spa in whatever degree I care to
-Raise money for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
-Try something new

Although my bullets may sound like resolutions or goals, it’s more of a suggestion that I know I am either weak at and want to improve upon or just maintain.  I am not binding myself to them.  There is no failure to be had.  However, I am all about self-improvement and continuous growth.  So as I was typing them, I was already imagining myself doing them and the gratification that was had in doing so.  They are all things that I am capable of, some I already do on a regular basis (woo hoo, already a victory there!) but all things that I know will help to create the relationships, health, and happiness in the life that I want.  Essentially, this is what The Happiness Project is all about, the author more or less picks the areas in which to improve upon instead of you doing it yourself.

How are you making this a HAPPY New Year?