Pieces of Positivity

Are you familiar with sayings such as…

The mind is very powerful and I do believe in the message that quotes such as these are trying to get across.  It is not always an easy feat and some have more of a challenge than others, but letting positivity into your life can only help but to improve it.

When I needed it most, I told myself anything and everything that I needed to in order to stay positive, in order to keep my head above the clouds.  I started my first blog in December of 2011, seven months after Dale’s death, to help me to do just that.  That blog was about as unpublicized as an Internet based journal could possibly be, but it was for me (and for anyone else who happened to stumble upon it).  That blog was my way of expressing all of my thoughts and feelings (which were laced with sadness, grief, confusion) and at the same time I used that blog to find pieces of positivity from within.  At first, it was rather difficult.  But the more I wrote and the more I practiced, the easier it became.  I can say to this very day that I have never become angry or bitter and never pitied myself nor did I want others to feel sorry for me either.  I learned to genuinely appreciate all that I had in the past and all that I do have in the present.

I stopped writing in that blog about a year ago and I have seen a change in my outlook over the past year.  Even though things are going very well for me in my life, I found myself getting grumpy and cranky over things, stupid things.  I didn’t like myself for that.

So while I hope that what I post and share brings something positive to your lives, know that it is not coming from a bubbly, ignorant, oblivious person.  Some days I will be sharing what has worked for me in the past and some days I will be sharing what I need in that present moment.  I am a hedonist, lol.  I plan to get as much out of this blogging experience as I put into it.  And for those of you who share and comment, I thank you in advance for adding on to my gains.