Making it Happen

What better way to follow a post entitled “Make it Happen” than with “Making it Happen!?!”  And I am doing my best to make it happen and this is why I am writing an accountability post.

90 Days… That is the number of days that I have to get fit and fab before my Floridian vacation.  But forget the family, forget Mickey, let’s just focus on the sun and the sand.  Glorious!!!  🙂  After that initial sigh of happiness though, my mind can’t help but to focus on that four letter word that soaks in all of the glory of the beach, and that is the body.  Right now, my body is not ready for the beach.  Right now, my body is not where I would like for it to be in my day to day life.  However, I know that if I am willing to put in the effort, the results will follow.

I am a big fan of the Beachbody Workout Programs.  I never thought I could be an at-home worker-outer, but three years ago when I had a limited cash flow, needed a babysitter to go to the gym, but had a desire to get fit… I made it happen!  I have used p90x, p90x3, and 21 Day Fit Extreme.  The 21 Day Fit Extreme is my favorite, but right now I am doing p90x3.  I actually like the original better, but it’s hard not to like the 30 minute workouts in x3 better!  It’s the perfect amount of time to squeeze in, even on a busy day, to get that blood flowing and a sweat in. It’s also the perfect amount of time where it’s easy to feel guilty for not finding 30 minutes (atleast a few times a week) to workout, lol.

So on my list of happinesses that I posted in “20 Days” I shared looking good and feeling good.  I want to look good on the beach in Florida, I want to look good in my jeans, heck, I want to look good in my yoga pants when I am working out at home, alone!  I have a realistic vision of what I want my body to look like and it has nothing to do with the number on the scale.  I measure it in how I feel in my own skin.  I am not unhappy with myself now, but I know that I can do better and be better!

Fitness 1

So I actually started the p90x3 program on January 4.  I have filled up my calendar (I love lists and crossing things off!) with a workout for each day for all 90 days since then.  Since I am not leaving until April 23… I even have enough time to squeeze in the 21 DFX!  Now, I told myself on day 1 that my goal was to workout atleast 5 times a week.

Check out my calendar!


Are any of you working on your fitness?  What programs work for you?

 If anyone is interested in the Beachbody programs and are looking for more information or even a coach, I just happen to know a few.  Check out these awesome ladies…
These ladies can help you choose a workout that is just right for you and also have tons of recipes and healthy eating tips.