Aging Gracefully

Have I mentioned that I am 37 years old?  Have I mentioned that I am having a mid-life crisis?  Perhaps I will share that story another day;  however, what I will share that my anxiety stems from growing old.  Aging.  And all of the changes that go along with it.  So it was no wonder that this article, “9 Things People Aging Gracefully Do” caught my attention.

I suggest reading the whole article (by Yagana Shah) here.  But here is the low down…

1.  They workout to get strong, not skinny.
Sounds like my last few posts!  I’m trying!

2.  They stress less.
Overall, I’m a pretty chill person.

3.  They’ve let go of regrets and grudges.
I can’t say that I have any regrets, but I do  have a few grudges I need to get over.

4.  They learn something new each day.
I don’t know about everyday, but I certainly do try! 

5.  They don’t overdo it with the makeup.
Does wearing makeup made with natural ingredients count!?!  I wear makeup everyday.  But I don’t go overboard and overdo it.  

6.  They stay positive.
I try… This blog is as much about keeping myself positive as it is spreading to others.

7.  They get enough sleep.
I go to bed too late.  This is one of my weak ones.

8.  They embrace their changing looks.
I have been in denial for a while about this one.  I am trying to work through this one, hoping           that working out and using my chemical-free Lemongrass Spa (of course I’ll make a shout out!) skin products will help prolong my youthful appearance. 

9.  They eat and drink to their health.
Does that mean with a glass of bubbly?  LOL.. I do try and eat healthy, but I also indulge as well.  I am working on finding that happy and healthy balance.

Sooooooooo… how do you fair up to this?  7, 8, & 9 are my top areas that I need to improve upon to help make my aging process graceful, so hopefully I can nip this mid-life crisis thing in the bud, ASAP.