If someone were to ask me the key to (my) happiness, I could summarize all of my thoughts with just one word… balance.  Everyone has different needs, wants, responsibilities, and obligations and we are constantly juggling all of those different pieces in our very own balancing act.  To top that all off, all that we are juggling are influenced and effected by outside forces, so we have to throw that into the mix as well which can make it even more difficult.  Finding a healthy, happy balance takes a great deal of effort.


There are times when that balancing act is easier to maintain, and then there are those times when it may seem near impossible to level.  However, it is definitely a life skill.  I’m sure that we all have that one friend that never seems to break a sweat.  That doesn’t mean that there isn’t  “stuff” going on in his or her life, we all have “stuff.”  That person may just have a better set of skills to handle all that happens to be on his or her plate at that time.

What has helped me to find a better balance in my life is prioritizing.  Once you know what is most important to you,  you deal with that first.  Prioritizing also lends itself to letting go.  If you truly have set your priorities, it will be much easier to let go of the small things and essentially lessen the stress.  Acceptance is also a key.  You need to accept what the situation is in front of you, with a realistic vision.  Accept that you cannot do it all, but you are going to do your best with what is most important to you.  And if you are doing your best, than what more can you ask of yourself or expect from yourself?  If you are doing your best, what is there to regret or to feel guilty about?  Do you know how relieving that kind of acceptance is!?!?!!

Another important piece, the one I struggle with most, is asking for help.  There is always, always someone out there who is willing and wanting to help.  Always.  It may even be the person that you least expect or even a stranger.  Never underestimate the power of the human spirit.  There really are some beautiful, generous, and kind ones out there!

trees and balance


Today’s Post was inspired by…

Last night, I shared for the first time with my fiancé my midlife crisis story (you know that one from my last post!)  Even thought I was not at all surprised at his response, I was happy to hear his take on things from his own mouth.  I wouldn’t say that we are complete opposites, but we are very different people who share some strong commonalities. Perhaps it is the perfect blend because… he balances me.  And as he shared his thoughts on life and death and growing old with me last night, I couldn’t help but to zone out for a bit (LOL) to absorb both my appreciation and love for him.  He knows just how to push my happy buttons.