Why You Should Travel More

I hadn’t done a great deal of traveling in my life until more recently.  What held me back more than money and more than spending vacation time moving (and “vacationing” back to visit my family) was that I wasn’t setting up realistic opportunities to travel. I wanted to go abroad, Europe in particular, and I was so focused on doing that and I didn’t  even stop to think about the beauty and wonder right in my own backyard.  The United States is such a beautiful, rich, and diverse country.  It is so vast and there is so much to see.

Once I set more realistic opportunities for my self I found that in two years I had traveled to all four corners of the United States (on a single mom’s income)!  I was even lucky enough to visit some others in between.  They were all beautiful in completely different ways.  Once I started to travel more, I got a taste for all that it offered.  It became a priority to see more the world.  So it wasn’t that difficult of a decision to spend less money on materialistic things, manage my vacation time differently, and take advantage of opportunities when I could.  As a result, I have been to Europe twice in the past two years (admittedly now I do have John and a second income and that helps greatly).

Everyone has their own stories for where and why they travel or why they don’t.  I think everyone should, even if it is just for a two-hour one-night getaway. A change of scene can do wonders.  I thought that this article made some great points in showing the benefits for traveling.

5 Reasons You Should Travel More by Michelle Phan

1.  It gives you perspective.

2.  It reduces stress.

3.  It increases your knowledge.

4.  It helps your physical health.

5.  It makes us more social beings.

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Where are some places that you have visited?  Please share your experiences, photos, etc.  🙂


Lobster Fishing in Maine – So much fun, especially with my son!