A Reflection & A Smile

It has been a happy January, and a great start to the new year for me.  I started this blog on January 14 and in 17 days, I have posted 24 times.  I don’t aim or expect to keep that high rate up as I must admit that some of my posts were carried over from my old blog that I decided to abandon for this one.  But still, I have been a daily active blogger and I have to admit that has contributed to a fantastic January.  So, I thought I would take this last day of January to reflect on this past month.  This is one of those posts that is more for me than you, but hey, I hope that if you have come this far,  you will continue!  🙂

I did not make any New Year’s Resolutions or goals this year as I shared in “20 Days In.”  However, what I did do was make a list, if you will, of the things that made me happy and ideas of things that I could do to add to those specific happinesses.  So I am going to take this opportunity to reflect back on that list and share what has worked, what hasn’t, what I need to improve upon, or just change altogether.  So without further adieu…

1.  Ewan (my son)
-Take deep breaths when doing homework with him to enjoy that one and one time with him rather than becoming frustrated. I still do get frustrated, but I feel like we have come to a better common ground.  John has joined me on this and we have spoken to him about the importance of an education and specifically reading.  I feel like he is making better connections now and has noticed and has been proud of himself for reading words that he noticed in everyday occurrences.  This is still a work in progress, but it has improved ALOT.  🙂
-Pay more attention when he talks (boy does he talk ALOT) because it may not always be this way.  I never wanted to crush Ewan’s spirit or individuality, so I always treated what he said with significance.  However, I have decided that he is old enough now where he needs to start weeding out some of the nonsense that he speaks of.  It can be so outlandish that it is not funny nor easy to listen too.  I still don’t want to crush his spirit or creativity, but I also don’t want him to become someone that people tune out.  I also don’t want him to believe in some of the things that he says because they are simply not true and sometimes I feel like he convinces himself that it is.  Perhaps I have a future lawyer in my hands, lol.  Helping him to focus, makes focusing on him that much easier!
-Laugh and be silly with him as much as possible!  I have felt very at ease this month.  I have no stress tension and that makes having a good time that much easier!  We had a great month, Ewan and I.  We also had a great month as a family!  I’m going to keep this same focus into February as well with Ewan.  

2.  John (my fiancé)
-Continue to have fun and laugh
-Make sure he feels loved and appreciated every day.

I am very happy to be in such a loving, healthy, and happy relationship.  John is amazing.  I can’t ask for anything more than to continue with what I already have on this list.  🙂

3.  Family
-Talk to them more, like actual telephone conversations.  I’ve been horrible, horrible!!!  I think I need to add on to this one to help me out.  I need to actually try and schedule a day(s) when I will call my parents (I do talk to them!  But I should more often.), friends, and grandmother.  Otherwise, it gets to be so easy to get caught up with things and then before I know it or when I do think of it, I’m in bed or in the car or at work, or somewhere where I literally cannot call them.  😦
-Take the opportunities that I have to spend with them and spend it with them.  I haven’t had the opportunity to visit in January.  

I am going to add on… Ewan and I will make Valentine’s for all the family and send them out on time to show our love and appreciation for them!

4.  Friends
-Talk or text more Need improvement here.  
-Go out more often, even on double-dates  I had lots of fun this month first shopping for a wedding dress with 3 of my bridesmaids and my future mother-in-law.  John and I went out on a double-date and to a friend’s birthday dinner.  I had a “party” myself at home with 11 women I work with.  Wine, food, friends, and laughs… good times!

I am going to keep this list the same.

5.  Looking Good and Feeling Good
-Trade out some old outfits for some new ones I bought a few new things with Christmas gift money.  Just a few new things can make such a difference!  🙂
-Keep wearing those heels  Of course!
-Follow the P90X3 program January-March  I am super proud that I just completed the first phase of the p90x3 program today!!!  I have worked out 24 out of 28 days.  I feel a tiny difference in my physique, but I know that it is during the second month that you start to really notice a difference.  I am looking forward to that!  What I do feel is more energetic and a determination… and they both feel phenomenal!!!
-Floss daily Okay, so maybe not every.single.day.  But most.  And… I got a new super-duper electronic toothbrush.  It worked magnificently!  
-Drink more water Not an easy one for me, but I am trying.  Really I am!
-Choose healthier snacks  So all that I can remember is this weekend.  I had my party, I had the birthday party, and I had leftovers.  Ugh… Other than this weekend though, I have been trying very hard.  I don’t want all of my hard work of exercising to go to waste by eating horribly.  

I am going to keep this list the same as well.

6.  Being Me
-Plan a wedding that is organic and true to who John and I are.  All of the big things have been taken care of.  John was adement about having a band, and we got a fantastic one!  I didn’t really care myself, but I think that a band will be a nice touch.  I am going for a French Country themed wedding.  Rustic, classy… a band enhances that.  
-Write I have enjoyed my time very much posting on this blog as well as reading other people’s blogs.  🙂
-Continue with Lemongrass Spa in whatever degree I care to.  My sales were down and I didn’t have one party.  I am not upset about that.  Although, I do hope to have atleast one, even if it is a FB  party in February.  
-Raise money for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  I added my monthly 10% that earn from Lemongrass Spa, but I have not raised any more.  I do need to advertise (is that the right word?) that I am raising money on social media and even use this blog to do that as well this month.  
-Try something new  Hmmm… Does a new recipe count?  I love the banana oat cakes that I posted earlier this month.  A healthy and yummy treat!  And, I can count this one twice… a healthy snack!!

Working out 6 days a week and writing nearly everyday have both been the biggest changes for me this January.  I’ve been exercising my mind and my body.  And I feel great!!!  Everything else, even though I still need to improve in lots of areas, found a way to feel better/easier too.  Maintaining is always the key.  I hope to maintain in February as well as improve in my weak areas and come March, I’d like to adjust and add on some more ways that I can enhance my happiness.  January was definitely a happy month for me.  Was it perfect, no. But I leave this month and this post… with a smile.  🙂

Woo hoo!

girl happy