Hello February

I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day;  however, in the spirit of love and romance, I thought that this first day of February would be a great day to share a new romance novel.  So… are you looking for a little romance to spice up your e-reads library (or bookshelf)?  I recently finished the the newly released romance novel,  Abruption, by Riley Mackenzie.  This is the third book by these authors (yes, there are two!).  However, this book is not part of their debut series, Beautifully Awake, it stands alone.  What I loved about this book is that like true Riley Mackenzie form, this book will grab at your heartstrings, keep you on your toes, make you blush, and leave you with hope.



This book also made me LOL from time to time as well.  I have the privilege of knowing one of the two authors (my future sister-in-law!!) and I can totally recognize her voice throughout not only this book, but all three.  And, if you read and enjoy Abruption, I highly suggest reading Beautifully Awake and Beautifully Done.  🙂