Buh-Bye Facebook

I did it!  I said good bye to Facebook.  I had been thinking about doing it for awhile.  Correction, I had been thinking that I am on it waaaaay to much and I need to cut back, but I never did.  So it hit me Tuesday night, why not give it up for Lent?  I am a Christian, but not devout and do not typically give anything up for Lent.  However, it was there and the perfect excuse to take a break from Facebook.

So now I am on Day 2.  So far so good, lol, no withdrawals yet.  It’s sad to say, but it is really addicting.  It’s not even that I post so much, I am not one of those people that you would know their whole life story reading through my Facebook page.  I just found myself addicted to touching that app on my phone whenever there was a free moment or a bored moment or even when I wasn’t free or bored but my finger habitually couldn’t help itself!  AGH!

I like the overall concept of  Facebook.  It helped me to connect with people that I have lost touch with over the years and even though we don’t talk or get together, it makes me really happy to see old high school and college friends getting married, having kids, etc.   So I  started off very selective with my friends, just for that reason.  I wanted it to be a way to stay connected with people I actually wanted to stay connected with.  I still remember the day my elementary pen pal from Italy found me on Facebook and friended me.  It gave me tears that after all of this time, she still remembered me.  Social medica can be a great thing, but then Facebook snowballed for me and that’s when the real problems began to rise.

I can’t say that I fall into the category of being jealous of other people and what is probably their best moments selectively chosen to share on Facebook.  That’s not to say that I never felt moments of envy scrolling through, but nothing that negatively impacted my life in any way.  What I did find was that I was starting to become judgemental.  There are a few characters, to term them kindly, on my friend list that have shared way too much.  And, their stories don’t match up well.  They say one thing and do another and appear to be very hypocritical, dishonest people who take advantage of situations.  It was like a soap opera, an accident that you just had to rubberneck and watch.  To add judgement on top of judgement, the people who commented and rallied and cheered these characters on, made me even more frustrated.  What?

So instead of just defriending these sorts of people who bring out the ugly, judge mental person in me, I decided to go cold turkey.  I do have a page for my Lemongrass Spa business and I am going to continue to use that.  But that is only a platform to share information and stay connected with customers.  It doesn’t channel into my general timeline page.

Apparently, studies show that getting off of Facebook will make you happier.  I hope being off will motivate me more to call and text friends and family that I stayed in touch with the lazy way, through Facebook.  Time shall tell.