Enjoy Life Now

Recent research have shown that 56% of Americans have not taken a vacation in the past 12 months.  Perhaps a reason stronger than money, is the need to keep one’s job.  Americans have been trending the non-vacation time for decades now and it continues to worsen.

When I was in France two summers ago, I found Paris to be rather… quiet.   Come to find out, August is a time when many Parisians take a vacation.  This happens all throughout Europe!  They take weeks off and not only that, they are expected too!

As a teacher, I am very fortunate to have time off throughout the year.  This week being one of them!  🙂  The 2 months off over the summer is especially priceless.  Even though that means that I am a stay-at-home mom for those 2 months, the time away from my job does wonders. Visiting my family in Western New York and taking a break from the fast paced life in NYC does wonders too!  If I am lucky enough to actually go away… well, then that makes it all the better!  By the time September comes and school begins, I am ready!  I am refreshed and honestly, ready and excited to start a new year!  It is too bad that most people don’t get to experience that rejuvenation.

If you have the opportunity to take a vacation (even a stay-cation) of any sort, do it!  It will be worth it to you in so many ways!!!

(Information found at http://www.pri.org/stories/2015-08-19/even-fewer-americans-are-taking-vacation.)