Precious Moments

Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to find the silver lining.  Some stories don’t have a happy ending.  Sometimes you just have to pick up the pieces and create your own happiness from them.  The purpose of my blog is to help look for and find those pieces of positivity to help you do just that.

The story that I am about to share is not the typical story that I would share on this blog.  It is extremely sad.  It’s going to pull at your heartstrings.  This family is going through a crisis and they are still in that horrific state of limbo.  Unfortunately, their situation is dire and it appears that limbo is the best that life has left for them.

Moments have a timeline and an expiration.  That is what makes them so precious.  Please pray for this family.  They truly are a special family, not only because of the crisis, but because of an extraordinary love and generosity that they gave of themselves during the time when life was “easy and good” to them.  I do not personally know them, but a friend of a friend does and shared this with me.