Color Your World-Midnight Blue

I had such a fun time browsing through my pictures yesterday looking for Jennifer’s color of the day, melon, that I decided to give this color challenge a try.  I don’t anticipate posting everyday (there’s a color assigned everyday for 120 days from January through April), but I had some time today while my son was at his karate class.

Midnight blue…


I’m sooooo excited to share this first picture.  It was actually taken from my iPad on a plane ride over… Greenland!  Greenland is a country that I don’t intend on ever visiting (there are far too many ahead of it on the list) by I did fly over it this summer on my way back to New York City from Norway.  It was incredible.  Absolutely incredible.  For as much I hate planes, I cannot deny not only the opportunities and experiences that it provides me, I have also seen some pretty amazing sights from above as well.

Midnight 1

This second picture was taken at sunset in Puerto Rico last February.  I have always loved this photo, but I never did anything with it other than upload it into my computer.  The color is gorgeous, but it is so dark.  I was happy to find a purpose for it with this day’s color challenge.

midnight 2