Donor’s Choose…My Class?!???

If I haven’t mentioned this before, I am a public school teacher.  I work as  technology teacher in Brooklyn, N.Y.  For the first time ever, I have written a proposal for some new equipment on Donor’s Choose.   Donor’s Choose  is a fantastic organization whose purpose is to build a connection between the community and public schools by serving as a middle man between those teachers that are in need of supplies and those that want to help support the public educations system.

One powerful tool that teachers often use these days is an interactive whiteboard.  This tool allows students and teachers the capability to interact with the board in multiple ways (clicking and dragging, writing, etc.).  Currently, I project my lessons and activities onto a white paper that I hung up onto the wall to serve as my screen.  I have adapted my lessons and have tried to come up with creative ways for my students to interact without using a tech savvy whiteboard.  However, I feel strongly that my students who are in the younger grade levels (K-2) and those that are English language learners (25%) would benefit much more if they had a more hands-on tool to learn the day’s lesson from

Last week I stumbled upon an alternative to the extremely expensive Smartboards.  By using a regular whiteboard with a Mimio Teach companion, an interactive board can be created at a fraction of the cost!  So I have turned to the generosity of the public to help me reach the fundraising goal of $1500 to get this much needed teaching tool into my classroom.

If you are interested in donating, thank you, thank you kindly.  If you know of anyone or an organization that would like to donate to a public school, please pass this along to them.  From now until March 10, any donation received will be doubled.