The Happiness that is Brunch

I had a brunch date today and it inspired me to write about all that is wonderful about brunch.  It truly is a fabulous collection of food, family, and friends!

Is it breakfast?  Is it lunch?  

It’s the best of both worlds!   Eggs, bacon, sausage, waffles, hashbrowns, steak, pancakes, toast, bagels, grits, croissants, donuts, fruit, salad, salmon, sandwiches, and wraps.   And when they are listed on the brunch menu, there’s something a bit more special about them.  It’s not just an egg, its a fritatta.  It’s not just a pancake, it’s a crêpe.  It’s not just a waffle, it’s a Belgium with fruit, ice cream, and whipped cream!


Alcohol before noon?

Brunch is so fantastic that two of it’s signature drinks include champagne!  Mimosa? Bellini?  Yes, please!  Having brunch alone is reason enough to celebrate.  If that’s not your thing, then I guess you’ll need to “settle” with a Bloody Mary.


Monday Brunch?

Brunch means it is the weekend!  No one is serving brunch on a Monday.  (I even had a hard time hunting a place down that served brunch on a Monday in Manhattan! )

Brunch = Weekend = Celebrate (with the bubbly drink)  😉


Go ahead, sleep in!

First of all you can, it is the weekend!  Also, brunch doesn’t even start before 10:00, so you really can sleep in!  11, 12, 1, 2… all great times to start your day off with a fantastic brunch!


Great Food, Great Drinks, Great… Company!

Brunch is an unnecessary meal.  It’s not one that you seek out for a quick take out.  You don’t sit down for brunch if you are in a rush or if you want a quick bite to eat.  Brunch is a fabulous feast!  More often than not, if you are having brunch, you are not doing it alone.  Brunch is a time to gather and to chat, to catch up and to relax.  You don’t want to have brunch with someone you don’t want to spend quality time with.


So if you are looking for something to do, why don’t you set up a brunch date!  And tell me all about it.  🙂