Our Health is Everything

Our health is our most important asset.  When it is compromised, it can turn our whole world upside down.

When I count my blessings, I never forget to count my health (and the health of everyone that I love) twice.  Having lost my husband to his own mental illness, I am reminded daily of how important our health is.  It’s everything actually.  To be completely honest, it is what I fear most, losing my health.  My mid-life crisis that I have been referring to quite frequently lately, is based on losing my health.  Not just my health, but watching the people that I love most go through their own personal health battles.  It’s scary!  There is a lot that we can do to help keep ourselves healthy and to prevent certain diseases.  But in reality, it’s a game of chance that we have little control over.  That’s even scarier!

Today is the first day in 4 days that I feel like a human.  Other than going to work 2 of those days and to the doctor yesterday, I have done nothing but lay in bed.  Turns out, I have the flu and it kicked me in the ass.  My son had never seen me like this before and I think it freaked him out a bit.  There’s never been a day when I haven’t gotten out of bed and for me to be in bed for 3 days… it was pretty rough, on all of us.

So I am very fortunate, that I only had the flu and that I was only really out for 3 days.  I’m feeling much better today and I anticipate that I will feel even better tomorrow.  Other than an occasional short term illness here and there, I am a healthy person.  And I am so fortunate and blessed that I am.