Incredible, Edible…


Take a moment and think about the power in water.  Being a Western New York gal, I can’t help but to think of Niagara Falls and the force with which the water moves and falls from river to lake.  That’s a power that makes you feel small, much like you do when you are near an ocean.  There’s also a power created by the force of the water, electricity.

Then there’s life.  Not just our own, but all life.  All life depends on water.  We can go weeks without food.  You’d be lucky to make it just one week without water, very lucky.  Most of us would only last a few days.  Water is the driving force behind all life.   That’s pretty damn powerful, so much so it puts the falls and electricity to shame.

There are so many benefits to water.  Not just in consumption, but by interacting with it.  Read this… 34 Proven Ways Water Makes You Awesome.   Makes you want to become water’s BFF, right?

Well atleast I do.  In my quest to become a healthier person, I have tackled my mental health, physical, and outer shell (skin care) health.  I am still a work in progress in all three of those areas, but I am ready to truly start to take my diet more seriously.  I’ve done the 21 day fix and other challenges.  But what I always struggle with the most, drinking water.  Sounds silly, but it’s true.  I have a very difficult time downing that liquid life essential.

As lame as it sounds, my new focus, my first focus, in changing my diet is to drink more water throughout the day.  Guess who will be reaching for the Brita rather than the Keurig tomorrow morning?  This girl.  As it turns out, starting off the day with a glass is the best way to begin each day.

So I have some goals and I am starting small.  My goal is to drink 8 oz. of water as soon as I wake up in the morning (and to buy some lemons!!!) for the next week.  I am also challenging myself to drink between 50-60 oz of water each day for the next week.  If I start to feel tired or if I start to feel a headache coming on, I will drink a cup of water before doing anything else.

I have never dedicated myself to water before and I am excited now to see how this first step in changing my diet is going to effect how I feel.  I know that it’s a positive change and I am determined to make it an entire week.  I’ve even downloaded an app to help me keep track.

Anyone else up for a water challenge!?!?????