Life’s Journies

It has been an unbelievably looong time since I have last posted.  Seven months to be exact and I am feeling quite rusty.  Rusty with my thoughts, rusty with my words… overall, out of sorts.  What better way though to dust the rust off than you just jump right back into it.?.  So here I am.

Obviously lots has gone on in the 7 months of my absence, but none more notably than two significant events that are on opposite ends of the spectrum.  First, I got married!   There were so many things that didn’t go as planned, but like us, the day worked itself out in all the right ways and it was perfect!  Second, my family recently found out that  my mom is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s.  Sadly, it does run in my family and I can’t say that I was completely shocked.  However, my mom is still so young, too young, at 63 for this terrible disease to make itself known in her.

“A Moment’s Glory…”  it seemed so fitting when I titled my blog this a year ago with the mindset that I had at the time.  One year later, it still fits perfectly and perhaps more significantly now with my current mindset revolving around my mother and the journey that my father, sister, and brother will take with her down, what I hope to be, a long and slow road.

Until next time, I will leave this post on a happy note…