Moment of the Week

Have you all seen This is Us?  OMG, I could write multiple posts on what a phenomenal show that is, and maybe I will.  I probably will.  But for today, if you have seen it, you’ll get the “joke” in my moment of the week.

This was a hectic week, my 7-year-old son was finally baptized.  The story of why and how is for another day (or not) but because of the baptism on Sunday, my family came out from Buffalo for the weekend.

My mother, father, brother, and sister arrived Saturday afternoon to find… just me.  My son was invited to a birthday party, so John took him.  I got to stay home to greet our guests once they arrived and to take them out to lunch.

Our table of five was sitting at a pizzeria eating, drinking, talking, and laughing when it occurred to me how special of a moment this was.  Between busy schedules, kids, and the fact that I live 8 hours across the state from them, it was a rare occurrence for just the five of us to be together, especially in NYC.  So much so that as soon as it hit me, I called out “It’s the original five!”  Everyone else stopped at the moment and I think that they absorbed it too.  I looked at my brother and sister and said, “The Big 3!”  They both got it and we laughed, genuinely and happily.

So even though it was my son’s big weekend and a special moment for him, the pizzeria lunch trumped it for me.  With my mom’s illness, I don’t know how many more moments like this we will have while she is still present with us.  Little moments can mean so much.