Trust in Others


This quote really spoke to me when I came across it.  Fundamentally, I believe want this to be true.  However, it also puts a great amount of blind trust into people.  For me, I am not one to open up from the get-go, even with age, I still need time to warm up.  As I have grown older  wiser, I’ve come to accept that I am just that person.  It has nothing to do with what the other person/people think of me.  It used to be, but that I have grown out of.  It’s what I think of myself and how I want to represent myself.  Because when I do warm up and open up, I am honest and genuine.  I don’t put up a front.  I don’t pretend to be someone else.  So when you genuinely open yourself up, you expose yourself.  You are in a vulnerable position.  For me, I just like to make sure I am in a safe place before I put myself in that position.  That takes a great deal of trust in others.