Moment of the Week

My moment of the week just so happened to occur on Valentine’s Day.


No, no, no!  Don’t worry, it’s nothing that warrants the reaction above, lol.  Although I’m feeling you if that is your general consensus on the day.

So, my husband, son and I decided to “celebrate” Valentine’s Day with a very simple family dinner at a pizzeria in Brooklyn.  It was a sit-down joint that served wine and beer.  It wasn’t anything fancy, which is why we were completely surprised with the entertainment that they reserved for the night.

Opera.  We had the pleasure of having “front row” seats to a beautiful duet singing opera.  Their voices, their attire, the entire ambiance… it was just perfect!  I know that this isn’t something that happens at this pizzeria on a typical Tuesday, so I guess I do have to thank Valentine’s Day for its part, because it was fantastic!

Coming from a very small city, this isn’t something that I would have ever run into at any restaurant on any day of the year.  That is something that makes big city living awesome!

I love New York!


What was your moment of the week?  🙂