Moment of the Week


Copenhagen, Denmark 

Two days ago I participated in the Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge.  The task was to post pictures of the road taken.  After searching through my photos of pathways and roads, I came upon my photos taken on a vacation in 2015, aka The Nordic Lands trip, aka “I got engaged” on this trip!  They were exactly what I didn’t know I was searching for to use in the post task.

Looking at the photos brought back so many happy and wonderful memories.  I was completely captivated and got lost in nostalgia for a bit.  I shared some of the bigger moments of the trip in that post, but there were so many small and intimate moments that occurred that not only made that trip so special, but “impossible to reproduce.”

Perhaps a bit cliché, but my moment of the week was writing the post for the photo challenge.  It wasn’t my best piece of writing but I blame that on the distraction of my mind being flooded with wonderful, happy memories.

What was your moment of the week?