Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish


Have you ever had to be strong for someone else?  Have you ever wished that you could take their pain away?  Have you ever felt helpless and stuck and all that you could do was hold onto hope?  When I look at this photograph I can feel the intensity with which this man is holding the woman.  She looks fragile and he looks pained.  What I love about this photo is how the light appears to be radiating from him.  The intensity and determination in his face makes it look as if he is generating the light to wash over the darkness.

I wish for the light, for the hope… to overcome too.


I don’t usually play around much with filters and effects, but the original photograph was rather bland.  I took this photograph on a sunny August day at the Vigeland Statue Park in Oslo, Norway.  However, with the sun behind the male’s head, it left a shadow on the already muted stone sculptures that blended in too much with the pale blue sky.  I immediately thought, black and white, but when I clicked onto Noir, I was done.  The power that I was hoping to have captured was now there.

I included the original, just in case…

wish o