Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop

Have you ever heard of Banff, Canada?  I didn’t until the day before my wedding when we needed a last minute plan b honeymoon destination.  We canceled our trip to Bermuda due to a hurricane and since the whole Atlantic and Caribbean were out of the question and we only had 3 days and didn’t want to travel too far, we were desperate for suggestions.  All it took were the words “mountains” and “Canada” ( I love Canada!) to generate a quick Google search which completely sold me on Banff.  You could say it was love at first sight!

I hate flying.  I never climbed a real mountain (and never will).  But I love the view from atop and will climb any reasonable hill or any amount of stairs to reach just that.  I will even get into a plane (always with a camera) and always in the window seat (its the view that calms my nerves).  I even got into a helicopter for the very first time as a wedding present from my sister which is what I have chosen to share for this week’s photo challenge.  The views were breathtaking!  And even though we appeared to get extremely close to the mountains from time to time (eek!), the experience was amazing.  So much so, helicopter rides will now be an option for all future vacations, lol, despite the fear!

The Canadian Rockies from atop...


I have to give credit to my husband for this photo.  I was assigned a backward facing seat with dirty windows.  This one of his came out much better than mine.


We went to Banff in October and it was gorgeous!  It’s a big tourist destination in the winter for its skiing and the summer has many boat tours, etc.  The people were so kind and it was an amazing place.  I highly recommend Banff in case you are looking for a vacation destination.  🙂