About This Blog

If you have read my “About Me” page you know a bit about my experiences and why I am here, as in the purpose of this blog.

“Pieces of positivity” is how I coined what I will be sharing with you.  That can come in many facets, but to me those pieces include quotes, songs, poems, books, movie clips, articles, photographs, and of course my own stories and takes on life.

When I think back to those early days, after my husband’s death, when I was rebuilding my life it was all so overwhelming.  I lived 8 hours away from my family and have very few friends.  I was essentially alone.  I couldn’t do it all so I had to prioritize what I needed to take care of first in my life.  My son came first, but I came to realize quickly that I had to be a very close second if I were to be the kind of mom I wanted to be and the kind of mom that he deserved.  So I began my journey with taking care of my mental health.

Once I felt that I was in a decent place, I had more room and energy to focus on relationships.  Not romantic, I was far from ready.  I needed to shed some people in my life that were negative.  But more importantly I needed to open up myself more and let people in.  I needed people.  I needed friends.  Making connections with people, friends, made me realize how much I missed having a partner in my life.  But I still wasn’t ready…

So I focused on my health and fitness.  I started to think more consciously about what I was eating and I started to work out more.  I wanted to look and feel amazing, healthy, and sexy!

Life is dynamic.  Everything connects and effects one another.  I was feeling better.  I was growing.  I was healing.  I eventually felt ready to let some romance back into my life.  I wasn’t broken.  I wasn’t looking for anyone to complete me.  I had already found myself before I entered into the dating world.  And that paid off.

I met the most amazing man.  He is perfect for me and life is good.  We talk, we laugh, we travel, we are getting married in October, we have fun and enjoy and respect one another more than anything else.

I am in a good place.  It was a tough process.  But looking back at all that I had been through to get to where I am today, I can also appreciate the journey that I had taken.  There is something beautiful about it.

But I am still a work in process.  I am still working on myself as a parent and adjust all the time.  I am always wanting to learn and try new things and sometimes wonder if a career change is inevitable.  I even stepped completely outside of my comfort zone and am selling natural skin care products!  LOL

So this long round about story is to tell you that those “pieces of positivity” are going to revolve around the topics of mental health, relationships, health & fitness, romance, parenting, and living it up.  I can’t do that though without throwing in splashes of self-improvement and inspiration along the way.  Oh, and I can’t forget my business with Lemongrass Spa.  😉

I hope you decide to stick around!