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Make the Most Out of Today

A Symbol of Strength

At some point, I will have much to say about a quote such as this.  But for today, I don’t want to take anything away from it.  Sometimes you can say it all… Continue reading

A Feel Good Moment

Watching the news can be terribly depressing at times.  There is so much wrong with the world.  However, with all that is wrong, I believe that there is even more right… we just… Continue reading

LOL’s of Joy

Last night I went to a small venue in Manhattan, The Bowery Ballroom, to watch Emily Wells play.  This was my first experience listening to her music and for most of you that… Continue reading


There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.  We may be led to a place unknown… to a place we never would have foreseen or have chosen for ourselves, but… Continue reading

Conspiracy Theories

When you set your mind to something and fully commit yourself to achieving your goal, it may be possible to believe that the universe is conspiring in helping you to achieve it, especially… Continue reading

Food for Thought ;)

Make it Happen!

Life itself is a process and you will hit some bumps along the road.  But don’t give up and don’t forget to stop and enjoy the view along the way.  Even storms possess… Continue reading

Slow it Down

Make time in your day to take a deep breath and to take a look around you.  Count your blessings.  Find simple beauties.  Be still.  Smile.  You may not be able stop time,… Continue reading


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