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The Year of Yes

Say YES to what will make YOU a BETTER, HAPPIER, and HEALTHIER you!


This past year has been a rough one.  It was about a year ago this time that my brother, sister and I began to share our thoughts, feelings, and observations about our mother.… Continue reading

Go Ahead… Be Selfish!

This one goes out to all of the moms (and dads) out there that bend over backwards for their children on a daily basis, yet fail to take some time for themselves.  I’m here… Continue reading

Trust in Others

This quote really spoke to me when I came across it.  Fundamentally, I believe want this to be true.  However, it also puts a great amount of blind trust into people.  For me, I… Continue reading

An Affirmation

10 Years: Past and Future

As I deal with my midlife crisis at the age of 37, one of the things that I have been thinking about lately is how to fully appreciate the age that I am right… Continue reading

February, Where Did You Go?

The fact that I am reflecting on February a day late (and with an extra day in February!) kind of sums up the month itself.  I was a big procrastinator!   But, here’s my… Continue reading

Buh-Bye Facebook

I did it!  I said good bye to Facebook.  I had been thinking about doing it for awhile.  Correction, I had been thinking that I am on it waaaaay to much and I… Continue reading

A Reflection & A Smile

It has been a happy January, and a great start to the new year for me.  I started this blog on January 14 and in 17 days, I have posted 24 times.  I don’t aim or expect… Continue reading


Aware If someone were to ask me the key to (my) happiness, I could summarize all of my thoughts with just one word… balance.  Everyone has different needs, wants, responsibilities, and obligations and we are… Continue reading

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