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The Year of Yes

Say YES to what will make YOU a BETTER, HAPPIER, and HEALTHIER you!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

What tough, open-ended quest to find my most favorite captures of Earth.  When it came down to it, I opted for some photos of good old New York State.  Just outside of Ithaca, near… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

In February of 2012, I took my first solo vacation… to Las Vegas.  I know right, an odd choice, especially to go on alone.  But… it was 9 months after my husband’s death,… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish

Have you ever had to be strong for someone else?  Have you ever wished that you could take their pain away?  Have you ever felt helpless and stuck and all that you could do… Continue reading

Moment of the Week

Two days ago I participated in the Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge.  The task was to post pictures of the road taken.  After searching through my photos of pathways and roads, I came upon… Continue reading

Moment of the Week

My moment of the week stems directly off of my fresh off the press post, Go Ahead… Be Selfish.  In that post, I wrote about finding your passion.  I have to admit, that… Continue reading

Trust in Others

This quote really spoke to me when I came across it.  Fundamentally, I believe want this to be true.  However, it also puts a great amount of blind trust into people.  For me, I… Continue reading

Moment of the Week

Whether you live, work, visit, or just can imagine… the traffic in NYC can be horrendous.  I spend most of my driving time in Brooklyn, which in my opinion, is the worst of… Continue reading

(How To) Take that Vacation!

This past Tuesday (January 31) was National Plan Your Vacation Day.  Did anyone actually sit down and plan a vacation that day?  (Please tell!)  I didn’t, but I didn’t have too.  I’ve been… Continue reading

Moment of the Week

I had just dropped my son off at school on Wednesday morning and continued along my own daily path to work when Fields of Gold  by Sting came on the radio.  That song always… Continue reading

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