Moment of the Week

Whether you live, work, visit, or just can imagine… the traffic in NYC can be horrendous.  I spend most of my driving time in Brooklyn, which in my opinion, is the worst of… Continue reading

(How To) Take that Vacation!

This past Tuesday (January 31) was National Plan Your Vacation Day.  Did anyone actually sit down and plan a vacation that day?  (Please tell!)  I didn’t, but I didn’t have too.  I’ve been… Continue reading

Moment of the Week

I had just dropped my son off at school on Wednesday morning and continued along my own daily path to work when Fields of Gold  by Sting came on the radio.  That song always… Continue reading

Moment of the Week

Have you all seen This is Us?  OMG, I could write multiple posts on what a phenomenal show that is, and maybe I will.  I probably will.  But for today, if you have seen… Continue reading

Crossing a Bridge

Anxious, fearful, stressed… those were some very real feelings that I had not so very long ago and so much so that I labelled myself as having a midlife crisis at the age… Continue reading

Life’s Journies

It has been an unbelievably looong time since I have last posted.  Seven months to be exact and I am feeling quite rusty.  Rusty with my thoughts, rusty with my words… overall, out… Continue reading

The Nomadic Life

It is said that the average American will move 11.3 times during their lifetime.  Thanks to my three day old new pad, as a 37 year old, I have called 11 places “home.”… Continue reading

An Affirmation

Incredible, Edible…

Water. Take a moment and think about the power in water.  Being a Western New York gal, I can’t help but to think of Niagara Falls and the force with which the water… Continue reading

Our Health is Everything

Our health is our most important asset.  When it is compromised, it can turn our whole world upside down. When I count my blessings, I never forget to count my health (and the… Continue reading

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