10 Years: Past and Future

As I deal with my midlife crisis at the age of 37, one of the things that I have been thinking about lately is how to fully appreciate the age that I am right… Continue reading

The Happiness that is Brunch

I had a brunch date today and it inspired me to write about all that is wonderful about brunch.  It truly is a fabulous collection of food, family, and friends! Is it breakfast?  Is… Continue reading

A Healthy Relationship

Color Your World-Periwinkle

This is periwinkle, the Color Your World Challenge color of the day.  This is one of my absolute favorite colors!  Is it cheating that I didn’t have to go any further than my… Continue reading


As a teacher of 15 years, I had never heard of #BestSchoolDay until about 10 minutes ago when I went to my Donor’s Choose (What’s this?  Click on the link to my post all… Continue reading

Color Your World-Orchid

This photo was taken at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, one of my favorite places in NYC.  I felt the quote complimented it well.

Color Your World-Olive Green

Who knew, olive green may just be my absolute favorite color!  So many pics to choose from, but I settled with these 3… Are you really settling with a bottle of Dom Pérignon?… Continue reading

Donor’s Choose…My Class?!???

http://www.donorschoose.org/project/engaging-with-technology/1901660/?rf=page-siteshare-2016-03-proposal-teacher_3332465 If I haven’t mentioned this before, I am a public school teacher.  I work as  technology teacher in Brooklyn, N.Y.  For the first time ever, I have written a proposal for some… Continue reading

Color Your World-Neon Carrot

I feel that if we colored our world with more neon carrot, we would find more energy and intensity.  While that can be a good thing, I think it would also leave us… Continue reading

Color Your World-Navy

I have thoroughly enjoyed this Color Your World Challenge.  It’s brought life and purpose back to my photos, which most have found a comfortable home inside of my computer.  My computer only houses… Continue reading

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