February, Where Did You Go?

The fact that I am reflecting on February a day late (and with an extra day in February!) kind of sums up the month itself.  I was a big procrastinator!   But, here’s my… Continue reading

Color Your World-Mountain Meadow

Okay, so I am a bit obsessed with this Color Your World Challenge, lol.   I am a bit surprised by the shade of “mountain meadow.”  I would have assumed it had a… Continue reading

Color Your World-Midnight Blue

I had such a fun time browsing through my pictures yesterday looking for Jennifer’s color of the day, melon, that I decided to give this color challenge a try.  I don’t anticipate posting… Continue reading

Color Your World-Melon

I have never taken part in a photo challenge, but when I read Donna’s post from Homemade Naturally today I was inspired.  She had taken the challenge herself which came from Jennifer Nichole Wells’ blog.  Currently… Continue reading

Fall Forward

In May of 2011, Denzel Washington gave a commencement speech at the University of Pennsylvania.  It’s about taking chances, finding your path and finding yourself along the way… it’s about living.  And if when… Continue reading

Make Room for Happiness

How to ‘Rock It’ as a Single Parent

Parenting is hard work.  Arguably, the toughest job out there.  No one dreams about or plans for the opportunity to do it alone.  Yet, so many parents, myself included, find themselves in that… Continue reading

Make the Most Out of Today

Precious Moments

Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to find the silver lining.  Some stories don’t have a happy ending.  Sometimes you just have to pick up the pieces and create your own happiness from… Continue reading

Choose Fun

I grew up in a house where my mother’s mantra was, “What will people think?”  I heard it so many times and it was embedded into my brain at such an early age… Continue reading

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