Aging Gracefully

Have I mentioned that I am 37 years old?  Have I mentioned that I am having a mid-life crisis?  Perhaps I will share that story another day;  however, what I will share that… Continue reading

For the Love…

I really love this one.  Don’t put your body or yourself down with negativity.  Workout because you love yourself and you want to be healthier.  Eat clean because you love yourself and you… Continue reading

Food for Thought ;)

Making it Happen

What better way to follow a post entitled “Make it Happen” than with “Making it Happen!?!”  And I am doing my best to make it happen and this is why I am writing an… Continue reading

Make it Happen!

Life itself is a process and you will hit some bumps along the road.  But don’t give up and don’t forget to stop and enjoy the view along the way.  Even storms possess… Continue reading

20 Days In

So even though it is day 20 of the new year, I thought I would catch this blog up to speed with what I have decided to do this new year.  I don’t… Continue reading

Where the Power Lies

Pieces of Positivity

Are you familiar with sayings such as… The mind is very powerful and I do believe in the message that quotes such as these are trying to get across.  It is not always… Continue reading

Healthy banana and chocolate chip oat cakes

Source: Healthy banana and chocolate chip oat cakes   I made a new WordPress friend today at “Face, Camera, Action” and found this recipe.  I had to try it and… it’s pretty awesome!  John… Continue reading

Slow it Down

Make time in your day to take a deep breath and to take a look around you.  Count your blessings.  Find simple beauties.  Be still.  Smile.  You may not be able stop time,… Continue reading

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