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Our Health is Everything

Our health is our most important asset.  When it is compromised, it can turn our whole world upside down. When I count my blessings, I never forget to count my health (and the… Continue reading

The Happiness that is Brunch

I had a brunch date today and it inspired me to write about all that is wonderful about brunch.  It truly is a fabulous collection of food, family, and friends! Is it breakfast?  Is… Continue reading

February, Where Did You Go?

The fact that I am reflecting on February a day late (and with an extra day in February!) kind of sums up the month itself.  I was a big procrastinator!   But, here’s my… Continue reading

Make Room for Happiness

Enjoy Life Now

Recent research have shown that 56% of Americans have not taken a vacation in the past 12 months.  Perhaps a reason stronger than money, is the need to keep one’s job.  Americans have… Continue reading

Buh-Bye Facebook

I did it!  I said good bye to Facebook.  I had been thinking about doing it for awhile.  Correction, I had been thinking that I am on it waaaaay to much and I… Continue reading

LOL’s of Joy

Last night I went to a small venue in Manhattan, The Bowery Ballroom, to watch Emily Wells play.  This was my first experience listening to her music and for most of you that… Continue reading

A Reflection & A Smile

It has been a happy January, and a great start to the new year for me.  I started this blog on January 14 and in 17 days, I have posted 24 times.  I don’t aim or expect… Continue reading

Food for Thought ;)

Make it Happen!

Life itself is a process and you will hit some bumps along the road.  But don’t give up and don’t forget to stop and enjoy the view along the way.  Even storms possess… Continue reading

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