The Year of Yes

Say YES to what will make YOU a BETTER, HAPPIER, and HEALTHIER you!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting

As I was searching for a photo to use for this challenge, I realized that reflections are not something that I consciously look for and capture.  The few photos that I have are more… Continue reading


This past year has been a rough one.  It was about a year ago this time that my brother, sister and I began to share our thoughts, feelings, and observations about our mother.… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

I have so much to look forward to this summer as far as traveling goes.  Since I am a teacher who wanted to get married in the fall, we didn’t get to have… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

What tough, open-ended quest to find my most favorite captures of Earth.  When it came down to it, I opted for some photos of good old New York State.  Just outside of Ithaca, near… Continue reading

More than Memories

I am a firm believer in…. And this… And this… The greatest thing about memories is that they don’t cost a thing.  You don’t need to spend a penny to make a great… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise!

I just got back from a week’s vacation in Southern California, so how could I not find a way to use my newest photos in this week’s challenge!?! The panoramic was taken in… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dense

This week’s photo challenge made me immediately think of my city’s landscape. New York City is dense, to say the least. This photo however, is not one of my best, but it is… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

In February of 2012, I took my first solo vacation… to Las Vegas.  I know right, an odd choice, especially to go on alone.  But… it was 9 months after my husband’s death,… Continue reading

Moment of the Week

My moment of the week this week isn’t actually my moment, but it still meant something to me.  This week, my oldest and dearest, my BFF of 25 years got her doctorate degree… Continue reading

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